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5 reasons to organise your next corporate event with Hudsons Catering

Planning any event involves a number of considerations; from setting the right atmosphere to ensuring everything runs seamlessly - and of course, supplying delicious food to satisfy your guests. However, hosting a corporate event can add an extra element of pressure, as the quality of the food and the level of service can significantly influence not only the event's success, but your company’s reputation too.

At Hudsons Catering, we pride ourselves on offering a professional service that combines high-quality culinary creations and expert event management, making us a top choice for corporate events in the North East.

If you’re looking to plan an unforgettable corporate event, then take a look at these 5 reasons why Hudsons Catering should be top of your list for an event caterer…

Corporate event catering delivered by Hudsons Catering

1. A level of experience you can truly rely on

Whether you’re a naturally organised person or enjoy the thrill of hosting events in your personal time, hosting a corporate event comes with its own unique set of challenges, especially for events where potential customers, clients and suppliers are attending.

Our passionate team of chefs, event managers and serving staff are well-versed in the importance of a company event running smoothly and impressing all of its attendees. We have over twenty years' experience in catering a huge range of corporate events for many companies across the North East of Scotland. From casual summer barbecues and high-end canopy evenings, to professional business lunches and company Christmas parties, we have a wealth of experience you can trust to make your corporate event memorable for all the right reasons!

2. Professional event management included in our catering services

We know all too well that any event involves so much more than just the catering supply; there’s sourcing a venue, choosing decor, deciding on the event itinerary and a range of other logistics to consider - all while ensuring each element sets the right tone and delights your attendees. 

Although our mouth-watering menus and culinary creations speak volumes, we like to go the extra mile at Hudsons. To guarantee your event is a success, we can offer professional event management at no additional charge - something which is often provided at an extra cost when planning a corporate event. 

This means you can have a dedicated member of our events management team working alongside yourself or a personal assistant, in order to leave no stone unturned when it comes to successfully planning and executing your corporate event. When you choose us, you also have access to our front of house staff who are often praised for their high level of professionalism and service when working at corporate canopé evenings and dinners.

Food delivered for a corporate event by Hudsons Catering

3. A personal service to exceed your expectations

Another element we pride ourselves on at Hudsons is the relationship we build with our clients throughout the event planning process, and our ability to add a personal touch to our high quality service. 

When you reach out to us about a corporate event booking, you can expect a personal reply from a member of our team as opposed to a generic message or standardised form to complete. We’re here to understand the purpose of your event and answer any questions you may have about the process to give you peace of mind and inspiration every step of the way. 

After an initial conversation to discuss the key details and requirements of your event, we can arrange as many meetings as you would like, as well as site visits - depending on the style of corporate event you’re looking to organise - to make sure we can apply meticulous attention to detail and help you plan the event effectively. It’s this personal approach that is paramount to us at Hudsons, in order to make sure that every element of your corporate event is perfect.

4. Seamless delivery and setup 

On the big day, we know that this can be nerve-wracking for anyone planning a corporate event, which is why our friendly and helpful team are on-hand to help you get the venue looking perfect and the catering set up for success.

Your assigned delivery driver will be someone employed by Hudsons who can support you with the event setup and final touches, with the option to order our catering supplies as a drop-off only, or with the support of our event manager and driver in place to help you get set up, depending on your needs. 

Our mission is to take the stress away from hosting and organising a corporate event and allow you to focus on what you need to achieve. Whether your event is for networking, hosting a conference or entertaining colleagues and clients, we want you to be able to relax and connect with the people you've invited.

Food delivered for a corporate event by Hudsons Catering

5. Bespoke packages tailored to your exact requirements

Of course, the ultimate reason to consider Hudsons for your next corporate event is the exceptional quality of our food, as well as our ability to craft a menu that is perfectly suited to your corporate event.

Our extensive menu packs offer a variety of different ideas and pricing structures to make your decision making easy - with a number of tried and tested dishes using high quality local ingredients. Alternatively, our talented chefs can come up with a bespoke menu that is in keeping with your event theme, the venue and any dietary requirements of your guests. 

Not only that, we help you consider a number of factors to create a tailored package for your event; such as whether your venue has a kitchen and the equipment required, and whether or not you require serving staff on the day. With every detail carefully considered, you can enjoy peace of mind that your corporate event is guaranteed to impress your guests.

Ready to make your next corporate event a memorable occasion?

Learn more about our bespoke catering services and make an enquiry.


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