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Impress your guests with these corporate catering trends

Corporate events play a critical role in creating networking opportunities, building a connection with staff and enhancing brand reputation. It's important to create an engaging and exciting event, but it’s equally sensible to provide excellent catering because after all, food is what brings us together!

Hosting an event that feels fresh and modern with delicious catering is a quick way to impress your guests. However, the catering industry is always changing; trends come and go, and it can be quite the challenge to keep up.

We know how important it is to impress your guests and give them a positive experience of your brand, so we’ve come up with a list of the latest trends that we encourage our clients to consider for corporate events…

1. Sustainable catering

A growing interest in sustainability and conscious eating has led to a rise in demand for locally-sourced ingredients, organic produce and seasonal ingredients. Creating a conscious and environmentally-friendly menu will reduce your event's carbon footprint and appeal to those who choose to live more sustainably.

In addition to the ingredients, other aspects of this trend include not using plastic utensils, sourcing materials that can be composted, reused, or are biodegradable, and ensuring that food waste is limited.

Large-scale corporate events can often lead to a high amount of waste, yet, many individuals are now looking at organisations to make sustainable changes to the way they cater.

At Hudsons, we’re proud to make use of the region’s best local produce in each of our catering packages, and are eager to support customers in their attempts to make sustainable changes at their upcoming events.

2. On-brand catering

Weaving your branding into the catering elements of an event can be quite a strategic move that leaves a lasting impression on guests. This can be done through branded food items, such as featuring a logo on cupcakes or using stencils for latte art.

Other popular means include themed menus that tie in with your company or its related industry, using branded table items such as napkins and tablecloths, or even through simpler methods such as serving drinks in branded cups, glasses, or bottles.

These methods can be kept subtle throughout an event but can still have a positive effect on improving your brand’s visibility. After all, excellent food can encourage social sharing, so it does no harm if your logo is popping up on a few social feeds during the event!

Food prepared by Hudsons Catering for a event

3. Menus that cater for all

Plant-based catering is another trend that’s becoming increasingly popular with diners, as attendees look to their hosts to offer delicious dishes that are vegetarian or vegan, using little to no animal produce.

By utilising creative and innovative cooking techniques, plant-based menus can amaze guests with unique flavour combinations and diverse options that can often rival meat dishes, not only in taste but also in nutritional value.

As many people look to consume less meat products and achieve a healthier lifestyle, we’re certain this trend will continue to grow - luckily, the team at Hudsons is vastly experienced in curating sumptuous meat-free dishes!

Dishes prepared by Hudsons Catering

4. International cuisine 

This trend encourages stepping beyond the traditional spreads you would expect at corporate events. Instead, we invite you to cast your mind to cuisines from around the world from the delights of French and Italian dishes, to the vibrant, mouthwatering delights inspired by Thai and Indian cuisine.

Offering a selection of global cuisines at your next corporate event can really surprise guests while enhancing their overall experience. By stepping away from predictable buffets and spreads, your corporate event has a better chance of standing out and being a lot more memorable to your attendees.

When catering for guests from outside the UK, it's a thoughtful idea to curate a menu of dishes inspired by their cultural backgrounds. This personalised approach can positively impact your guests, as it demonstrates a deep level of consideration and care to ensure they feel truly valued.

Are you inspired to partner with Hudsons for your next event?

At Hudsons Catering, we’re passionate about delivering impressive catering experiences that are equally delicious and unique. With the ability to cater for all trends, desired cuisines and complex dietary needs, we’re confident that we can help make your next corporate event a resounding success.


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